The idea for Praxis came to fruition when the Cleveland Institute of Art announced that they would be downsizing the fiber department and merging it with the existing sculpture and video departments. We took the existing fiber equipment including 17 floor looms and assorted dyeing supplies and opened a non profit fiber art center. Our facilities are available to the CIA community and the greater Cleveland community in the revitalized arts district of Collinwood in east Cleveland. We offer classes and workshops teaching a wide variety of fiber techniques. In addition, Praxis offers studio space for local fiber artists and a gallery to promote the field of contemporary fiber art.



At Praxis we work with mostly natural fiber, which is derived from either cellulose like cotton, flax and hemp or protein like wool or silk. It is flexible and can be folded or twisted upon itself to create a plane or larger surface. These natural materials are extremely susceptible to dye. Dye labs are also essential to the historic process of weaving and yarn dyeing as well as fabric surface design. Weaving and dyeing have functional purposes such as clothing and home accessories but can also be used for inventive, experimental, visual art. Praxis is also the home of a  sustainably grown community indigo garden. At Praxis we use both synthetic and natural dyes and try to be aware and limit the environmental effects of both processes.



Without Praxis, this incredible equipment, which has taught artists for decades, would have been stored o given away bit by bit. Without the studio space that Praxis provides, this type of art making is less accessible to a community that has always supported fiber art and to the generation of emerging artists who show a resurgence of passion for this field. Art education is an extremely important aspect of community, vibrancy, creativity and diversity in any city. Praxis will add to the diversity and accessibility of these establishments, helping to make Cleveland an artistic destination within the United States and the entire world.

If you wish to receive more information regarding Praxis Fiber Workshop, please contact us at contact@praxisfiberworkshop.com.



Executive Director

Jessica Pinsky

Members of the Board

Tina Cassar, Chair
Monica Christofferson, Secretary
Joyce Jentoft, Treasurer
Alenka Banco
Fran Belkin
Phillipe Benard
Susan Salkin
Hilary Spittle
Drue Thompson