‘TORN’ Yuko Kimura and Pamela McKee April 6 – May 26

Showcasing fiber in a new light, “Torn” is a sensitive and intimate investigation of paper and silk carrier rods as medium. Both artists use repetition and manipulation to highlight the magnificent qualities of natural materials. April 6th - May 26th Yuko Kimura was born in 1968 in Oakland, California and was raised in Tokyo. [...]

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March & April 2017 Centrifugal aims to relay the force in which artists are connected to each other, to the tradition of fiber art and to the art community in Cleveland. We aim to highlight the power and energy felt from material itself, and how each artists interpretation adds to the momentum of [...]

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Abby Jo Clark_Praxis Fiber Workshop Fellowship Exhibition May 2017 Abby Clark is a recent 2016 graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art who's focus is in printmaking and fiber. She joined the Praxis team after graduation to be the fellow of 2016 - 2017. During her fellowship, Abby incorporated natural dyeing, immersion dyeing, sewing, [...]

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November and December 2017 Lindsay Cashews, a 2013 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, currently lives and works in Detroit as a performance artist and designer whose work is often displayed on the body. Her runway shows (often under the pseudo name Skandoughless) combine considerations of classicism, collapsed hierarchy, pop culture, parody [...]

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Interlude: Weavings by Annmarie Suglio

June, July and August 2016 Physically weaving to make cloth is very important to Suglio's work. She uses its rich history of storytelling and metaphors as ways to create; she uses cloth making as a metaphor of making life. In Interlude, the weavings become constructed, fantastical spaces where the figures and places can [...]

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Landline: Works in Fiber from Coast to Coast

April and May 2016 The current show, Landline: Works in Fiber from Coast to Coast represents artists currently working in fiber processes from 5 cities across the country. Beginning to create relationships out of state, like these, is a part of our mission at Praxis. The artists selected for the exhibition each use process-based explorations of [...]

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Rust Never Sleeps

December - January 2016   Garment construction by Krista Tomorowitz Textile design by: Christi Birchfield        Timothy Callaghan        Rebecca Cross        Elizabeth Emery Jason Frederick          Michael Loderstedt        Liz Maugans           Christian Mickovic Jessica Pinsky       [...]

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