March – April 2017

Centrifugal aims to relay the force in which artists are connected to each other, to the tradition of fiber art and to the art community in Cleveland. We aim to highlight the power and energy felt from material itself, and how each artists interpretation adds to the momentum of that power.

Four artists from outside of Cleveland showcased bold and energetic work in hand and jacquard weaving, painted soft sculptures and quilt and fabric installation. Each artist brings to the exhibition their own version of centrifugal force, radiating from the central point of historical craftsmanship.

Naomi Clark lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She is Co – Founder of Fort Makers, an artist collective that makes functional and interactive art. Her current collaboration, ‘The Blanket Project’, utilizes painting and collage through hand sewing on found, old, wool blankets. In this exhibition, you’ll find works from ‘The Blanket Project’ and many vibrant, soft sculptures.

John Paul Morabito is a Chicago-based artist. He uses the jacquard loom to transcribe drawings into pieces of cloth. In the series, ‘Frottage’, rubbings are made from handwoven textiles which are digitized and rewoven (and abstracted) at the loom.

Karolina Gnatowski is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. Using bright colored yarns in all weights and sizes, Karolina uses her warp to securely position yarns in the funkiest of twists and turns. In the end, these objects become characters in her woven narrative.

Eliza Fernand has pursued artistic opportunities in a nomadic, cross-country career that eventually led her back to Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is currently investigating the traditions and techniques of quilt making and is installing a site specific window installation at Praxis.