Scene Magazine, Sept. 23, 2015
By Josh Usmani

The ongoing transformation of Waterloo is also newsworthy. “We’re delighted that the three newest Collinwood art centers all have CIA ties,” adds Nunes. “Ink House, the Zygote Press satellite, is a contract fine-art printing studio run by CIA grad Christi Birchfield; Brick Ceramic + Design Studio was founded by CIA grad Valerie Grossman; and Praxis Fiber Workshop is a CIA partner, founded by CIA faculty member Jessica Pinsky with looms donated by CIA. These three dynamic women are helping to revitalize Collinwood in some truly creative ways.”

Through Zygote Press and Ink House, as well as the Collective Arts Network and its CAN Journal, Liz Maugans continues to support and promote the arts community while engaging the community-at-large.

“Twenty years ago Zygote opened our doors,” recounts Maugans, Zygote Press co-founder and executive director. “We have consulted with other like-minded folks over the years who wanted to open other entrepreneurial spaces where people could share stuff, like the Morgan Conservatory, Praxis Fiber Workshop, Brick Ceramic Studio + Design, the Cleveland Print Room, Flux Metal Arts, Guide to Kulchur and now our own satellite, Ink House. The production of art historically was, first and foremost, a cooperative venture.

“The rise of collective studios, artist hive spaces, collective speaker series, monthly neighborhood art walks, placemaking festival events and the cross section of these shared work-and-live spaces are imbedded with intergeneration groupings, integrated educational programming for youth and inclusive, free and accessible arts and cultural offerings for our communities.”

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