Current Exhibition

Water Ways | Tali Weinberg

September 11 – October 29, 2021 

Opening reception: September 11, 12-5PM EST.

The Gallery at Praxis Fiber Workshop is thrilled to present Tali Weinberg’s solo exhibition Water Ways, a series of weavings about climate change, water, and our relationships to the places we call home. Water Ways will be on view from September 11rd – October 29th, 2021, with the opening reception on Saturday, September 11rd from 6-8 pm.

In response to worsening climate crisis, Tali Weinberg draws on the embodied and relational qualities of weaving to transform data into a feminist, material archive of climate knowledge, care, and attention. In this exhibition she shares work that looks to watersheds for alternative, feminist, anti-colonial understandings of our relationships to place. Watersheds—areas of land defined by the water bodies into which they drain—are delineated by the earth itself, not by nation states; attending to flows and relations rather than policed borders. If one understands home as a watershed, rather than a city or state, Tali asks, can that interrupt the patriarchal, colonial thinking that divides our understanding of here and away, self and other, earth and body, nature and culture? As the detritus of our human life on land runs downstream and then circulates back through bodies, what can watersheds reveal about relationships between ecological and human health? Can the ways of water help move us past the destructive extractivism that ultimately makes us sick?

These weavings are part of a larger body of work in which Tali creates abstracted land/waterscapes out of climate data, plant-derived fibers and dyes and petrochemical-derived medical tubing and fishing line. These datascapes merge practices of record keeping with practices of grieving and merge expressions of scientific research with expressions of lived experience. Together, they trace relationships between climate crisis, water, extractivism, illness, and displacement; between disparate places; between personal and communal loss; and between corporeal and ecological bodies.

Artist Bio

Tali Weinberg is an artist and weaver. Her work explores relationships—to the earth and to others—within the context of an ever-worsening climate crisis. Tali’s art has been featured in the New York Times, Surface Design Journal, the Tulsa Voice, Fiber Art Now, and Ecotone. Recent exhibitions include the Center for Craft, Griffith Art Museum, 21C Museum, Berkeley Art Museum, University of Colorado Art Museum, and Form & Concept Gallery. Honors include the Tulsa Artist Fellowship, Serenbe Fellowship, Windgate Fellowship to Vermont Studio Center, Lia Cook Jacquard Residency, and a SciArt Bridge Residency for cross-disciplinary collaboration, among others. She has taught at California College of the Arts (CCA), University of Tulsa, and Penland School of Craft. Tali holds an MFA from CCA and a BA and MA from New York University. She is currently a 2021 virtual artist-in-residence at the Museum of Art and Design and based in Champaign, IL.