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One Year, One Outfit

A project in slow fashion.

November 5 -January 14

Opening reception: November 5, 6-8pm

Second reception: December 3, 5-9pm

Final reception: January 7, 6-8pm

Katie Allen · Erin Carlson · Kirste Carlson · Debbie Christensen · Rebecca Cross · Brittany Dobish · Donna Drew · Janel Franks · Erika Frondorf · Kate Hodges · Aaron Jacobson · Lindsey James · Kerie Johannes · Janette Knowles · Jasmine Kornel · Katy Kvassay · Katie Lunemann · Celeste Malvar-Stewart · Anissa Pulcheon · Margaret Sankey · Sarah Silk · Charity Thomas · Olivia Vanistendael · Alexa Vicario

One year, One Outfit is a community project showcasing the assets from within the Rust Belt FIbershed within 250 miles of Cleveland. Assets include plants and animals used for fiber and dye, as well as the assets of our community members: their skills, passions, and teamwork. The cohort-based project responds to the problematic fast fashion industry with slow fashion. Unlike fast fashion supply chains where the fabrics and dyes are sourced by extracting from land and people to create cheap clothing, all the clothing from this project follows a soil-to-soil supply chain: fiber and dyes are grown, harvested, and created with care. Because the garments contain no plastics or harmful dyes, after the garments have reached their lifespan, they can be composted to break down into the soil, further enriching it for future plants. These regenerative garments are more than just outfits: they’re a manifestation of relating to our earth with care and an example of a paradigm shift in understanding where our everyday materials originate. While the future of clothing is not likely to be on a handmade scale, we’re looking forward to an economy based on care, not extraction.