Digital Lab Residency Prices

  Month Rental Residency Two-week Residency One week- Residency
TC2 $1,500.00 $900.00 $500.00
Studio Rental* $150.00 $100.00 $70.00
Apartment* $550.00 $300.00 $180.00

*Studio and apartment prices for digital weaving residents

We provide 14 yards of our standard 20/2 black mercerized cotton warp for our two-week and month residencies.  Additional warp can be provided for a $150 winding and tying fee. Artists may choose to provide their own warp and tie on upon arrival. One week residents may choose to use our standard warp for $15/yd or bring their own. A staff person will be available for tech support on the TC2 from 9-5 Monday – Thursday. The first three days of your residency, staff will be be present to get you started and make sure your plans are moving smoothly. For the rest of the residency staff will check in daily and provide an hour of tech support if needed.

We also provide these additional services:  if you need a service that is not listed please reach out and let us know. We will do our best to accommodate most situations.  

  • Staff member ties on pre-measured and wound warp (1320 threads) first day of residency  – $100
  • Staff member measures and winds warp and ties on first day of residency – $150*
  • Additional file design and tech support – $20/hr

*We ask that artist ship warp materials for winding two-weeks prior to residency to prepare warp.


Additional Services

We can also tie on for you; just send us your wound warp or yarn ahead of time! 

20/2 Black Warp
(one week residency)
Tie on warp $100
Measure, wind, tie warp $150
Weaving assistant $20/hr