The Praxis Digital Lab

Our Digital Weaving Lab completes the Praxis campus. The Praxis Digital Lab houses the digital looms and technology necessary for creating complex cloth, and will provide an Artist Residence apartment on the second floor. Purchased in 2018, the house adjacent to our main facility hosts the 2 dobby looms and a TC2 jacquard loom which are manually operated, but computer assisted.  This specialized equipment allows the weaver the most intricate pattern and design capabilities in cloth.  It is essential to preserve the tradition of handweaving as well as embrace the evolution of the craft through digitized means.


TC2 Jacquard Loom:

The Thread Controller 2 (TC2) is a Digital Jacquard loom manufactured by Digital Weaving Norway.  The TC2 loom allows the creator to control every thread independently. It allows the user to make a quality cloth with the desired fibers, weave structures, warp and weft densities and colors.  Designers may use the loom to make make a sequence of samples varying for example the scale of the design, weave structures, colorways or create photorealistic images.  With the TC2 loom, it is possible to evaluate the design visually as well as the actual hand or the feel of the fabric. Artist from all disciplines may use the loom for creating special commissions. The loom is computer-controlled and manually-operated because it is designed to be operated by the creator, designer, or weaver.

Dobby Looms:

Our 24 harness ARM looms donated by Cleveland Institute of Art are being upgraded with 7 inch touch screen displays with a user friendly interface to control the looms. Weavers may design their peg plans and weave their uniquely designed fabric. The ARM looms have a 26″ weaving width. Please note that we do not provide warp for the dobby looms but do carry most common reed sizes.


The Studio:

Space to modify your files, prepare your bobbins,  and finish your weavings

Digital House Apartment:

The Digital Weaving House has a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment upstairs available to visiting residence.  This allows artists to live right above the digital looms so their workshop is just a walk down the stairs.