Cathryn Amidei has been engaged with Jacquard weaving for 15+ years. She earned a MFA in Fibers from Eastern Michigan University. She was faculty in the College of Technology at EMU until 2018, and now currently works full time in her art practice. Cathryn spent a yearlong residency at the Digital Weaving Norway production facility and currently provides support to users of the TC2 loom in the U.S. She has taught numerous digital weaving workshops across the globe, in person, as well as online.
She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“My woven artworks are a study of movement, trajectories, and change. Everything is in motion all the time. We are in motion – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The trajectories of my threads are the paths we may take in the course of a single day or throughout our lives.
I weave because it is the most real way I know to explore, and share what I observe about our lived experience. “