Tuesday Exploration 

w/ Joanna Ettorre

‘The Knitting Machine & Knitweaving’

NEW Beginning October 17, 12 – 4pm

Knitweaving:  using knitting machines to create fabric that has some of the stretch of knit stitches, and some of the stability of woven threads. Knitweaving is different from floor loom weaving in the following ways:  no startup time, no risk of losing yarn to mistakes and no planning!  Knowing textile structure in both categories will expand your fabric-creating potential, and your knowledge of materials handling.

Find out what your most beloved yarns might do by blending them on the knitting machine. Knit them quickly into blanks to be dyed, or many other uses for knit fabrics.  In your first visit you will learn to create a rectangle that can be turned into a purse. From there, its your own adventure!

NOTE: Demos begin at 12pm. Praxis will provide fine weight yarns and fabric strips. Please feel free to bring any materials of your own for exploration.

Purchase a basic membership ($55) for four weeks of Tuesdays, or purchase a drop in open studio fee ($30) for a single day.