Frequently Asked Questions

What is Praxis doing to maintain COVID safety?

Praxis staff will clean and disinfect all surfaces in the Digital Weaving Lab prior to and after each residency. The Lab is separate from the main facility and as such gets no foot traffic beyond the resident and staff who work there. Masks are required indoors at all times in the lab and the main facility. 

How do I get to the Praxis Digital Weaving Lab?

If you are driving, Praxis is located here. If you are flying, the closest airport is here. Praxis does not provide airport pick up. You are welcome to take a taxi or uber, or see section on car rental. 

Can I park at Praxis?

Yes! There is plenty of space for parking at the Digital House and in the Praxis Private Parking Lot. 

Will someone meet me when I arrive?

If you arrive during business hours, YES! We will happily meet you. If not, and you are staying with us, you will receive a code to a lockbox with the apartment key and someone will meet you the following morning. 

Will someone take me to the airport at the end of my stay?

Unfortunately, we do not provide airport transportation. 



What is the neighborhood like?

The Waterloo Arts District is located in the North Shore Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. We are located minutes from Lake Erie and the historic Euclid Beach Metropark. We are approximately ten miles east of Downtown Cleveland.

Do I need a car?

No, a vehicle is not necessary for your residency and all necessities can be accessed in Collinwood but to make the most of your visit to Cleveland and to see museums, galleries, libraries, and other cultural institutions a car is recommended.

Where can I get food?

There is an amazing pizza place Citizens Pie right on the street. Our coffee shop Six Shooter also houses Buiscuitheads which offer delicious breakfast sandwiches till noon. There are also Chili Pepper, The Standard, and Scotti’s in the E 185th St district. Dave’s our grocery store is on 152nd St about a 3 minute drive or a 20 minute walk from the digital house. There is also Aldi located in Euclid just a 12 minute drive.

What is included at the apartment?

In the Praxis apartment, you will find one set of bedding in the bedroom. In the bathroom, two sets of bath towels and toilet paper. In the kitchen there is are 2 sets of plates/bowls/silverware as well as basic pots and pans. You will also find olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. 

Can I stay somewhere else?

Sure! See pricing for TC2 or ARM looms w/out accommodations. 

What facilities do I have access to at Praxis?

As a resident artist, you will have access to the full Praxis Facility. This includes a full dye lab, natural indigo VAT, print tables, spinning wheels, felting equipment. 

What materials can be used to weave on a TC2?  

A wide range of fibers can be used on a TC2, but in general, Digital Weaving Norway cautions against typical floor rug qualities because of heavy/stiff materials and high pick densities. All animal and vegetable fibers will work in the TC2 loom. The general rule is that if the thread breaks easily when you pull it gently between your hands, it should not be used as a warp. Linen, cotton, hemp, silk and wool, animal hair such as lama, alpaca and camel hair will work excellently and also, viscose and synthetics.  You may also work with unconventional materials such as fishing line, surgical steel wire, copper wire, electrical cords with different coatings, polyurethane/ lycra elastics, polypropylene ropes, paper yarn etc.

Is there tech support?

YES! We encourage residents to take a virtual file designing class with Director Cathryn Amidei prior to arriving. Limited support will be available to assist with file design. However, a staff person will be available for tech support on the TC2 from 9-5 Monday – Thursday. The first three days of your residency, staff will be be present to get you started and make sure your plans are moving smoothly. For the rest of the residency staff will check in daily and provide an hour of tech support if needed.

How should I prepare my files?

Designs for the TC2 can be made on Photoshop, or other image processing program or other industrial Jacquard program. Files must be saved as JPG, TIFF, BMP or WIF. The Loom Controller software works with these formats.

Is there 24/7 access?

YES! Whether you are staying with us or not, as a Digital Weaving Resident you will have 24/7 access to the Digital Weaving Lab as well as our main facility. 


Does Praxis provide warp?

Yes, our jacquard loom is warped with 14 yards of 20/2 mercerized black cotton which is included in the rental of the loom. Dobby residencies do not include warp.

Can I bring my own warp?

YES! You are welcome to bring and tie on your own warp, we only ask that you leave the end of your warp through the heddles so the next person can tie on.

Do I have to tie on my own warp?

NO! We would be happy to tie on for you. You can send your warp early and we will have it ready to weave when you arrive. You may also bring it with you or an assistant can tie on on Day 1 of your residency.

How should I prepare my warp for the TC2?

Wind a warp like you preparing a warp for the handloom! You may wind your warp at home to be ready to tie on or you can use our warping mill when you arrive.

Do I have to wind my own warp?NO! We would be happy to wind it for you. You can send your warp yarn early and we will have it ready to weave when you arrive!