In May 2020, over 70 volunteers planted indigo in their home gardens and pledged to care and harvest it for Praxis for the growing season.

Our Natural Dye project is the way that Praxis connects most deeply with our neighbors. With funding from Gund Foundation, Cleveland Foundation, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture and Fowler Family Foundation, it is the only project at Praxis that is fully grant funded and volunteer based. In a time when it is dangerous to gather and the future of our organization hangs in the balance, can we continue to grow indigo, a project that has developed into the heart and soul of our organization?

The answer is a resounding, fearless, and hopeful YES! Here’s how:

  • 75 volunteers adopted five indigo plants and are growing them in their home garden!
  • Praxis, together with indigo garden managers Little & Wells Inc., will provided the volunteers with everything they needed (indigo plants, soil and organic fertilizer) and left kits on-site at our Corsica Garden for pick up.
  • We post weekly online tutorials on how to care for and harvest your indigo plants throughout the summer that you can view on our youtube channel.
  • The volunteers will give us the harvested leaves in exchange for a free indigo workshops in the fall using Praxis’ own natural indigo they helped grow!