Rust Belt Fibershed x Praxis Fiber Workshop Present:

One Year, One Outfit



Participants of the first One Year, One Outfit Challenge are working as individuals or teams of up to three to design, source, and create one outfit (defined as 3 distinct garments or accessories) within a cohort of 50+ other makers. At the close of the season, participants will exhibit their completed outfits in November – December 2021 in the Praxis Gallery.

The goals of this undertaking are to:

– Provide a structure for imaginative, slow fashion to thrive
– Celebrate the incredible amount of local talent and production in our fibershed
– Connect folks to each other through bi-monthly cohort meetings where we can share projects, progress, hang-ups, connections, etc.
– Create a collection of stories and a body of work that will provide a glimpse of our unique region and steward our valuable material and human resources.

If you are interested in participating in One Year, One Outfit in the future, join the Praxis Fiber Workshop and/or Rust Belt Fibershed mailing list.

These are the participants of our very first One Year, One Outfit challenge:

Katie Allen

Tommy Ballard

Madison Bartos

Erin Carlson

Kirste Carlson

Collin Charity

Debbie Christensen

Alyssa D’Amico

Brittany Dobish

Adam Drue King

Alexandra Dubecky

Belle Erikson

Mattie Erstad

Melissa Franklin

Tori Franklin

Janel Franks

Erika Frondorf

Rebecca Harrison

Steph Haught

Heather Hettick

Kate Hodges

Raechel Huebner

Aaron Jacobson

Lindsey James

Libby Jansing

Jenn Jenkins

Kerie Johannes

Rebecca Johnson

Susan Johnson

Alyssa Kail

Janette Knowles

Jasmine Kornel

Katy Kvassay

Mads Lacourt

Michael Lombardy

Katie Lunemann

Lisa Magee

Celeste Malvar-Stewart

Becca Newburg

Emmy Osicka

Xuena Pu

Anissa Pulcheon

Tammy Renner

Cody Ruffing

Margaret Sankey

Sarah Silk

Dani Spewak

Katie Stafiniak

Charity Thomas

Leah Trznadel

Olivia Vanistendael

Alexa Vicario

Kyla Werlin