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The Praxis Digital Lab


The Praxis Digital Lab will house the digital looms and technology necessary for creating complex cloth, and will provide an Artist Residence apartment on the top floor. Our digital lab will increase the appeal of Praxis both regionally and nationally. It will incentivize weavers who do not have access to this equipment to be involved in the Praxis community. It is essential to preserve the tradition of handweaving as well as embrace the evolution of the craft through digitized means. Part of the mission of Praxis Fiber Workshop is to forward the field of contemporary fiber art: a digital weaving laboratory is essential to that mission. In addition, a digital weaving lab will make production weaving as income possible for our organization, since handwoven, American-made yardage is a lucrative and niche market.

An Artist-In-Residence program is another central goal of our organization. Cleveland is a pivotal location for the national art community and it is our destiny to connect to the larger art markets in this country and abroad. The benefits of artists visiting and exhibiting in Cleveland from other cities (while providing artist exchange experiences with Cleveland-based artists in their respective cities) is invaluable. Similar programs are already happening at local arts centers like Zygote Press and Morgan Conservatory. For a fee, artists will apply to stay at the Praxis Apartment, use the digital lab and the communal workshop to create a body of work, lead specialized workshops, engage with the community through talks and studio visits, and exhibit in the Praxis Gallery. The Praxis Digital Lab will be in a house directly east of Praxis Fiber Workshop, creating a convenient and ideal campus for this program.


  • The expansion of Praxis Fiber Workshop to securely house our digital weaving lab.
  • The addition of an Artist-In-Residence apartment to host artists at Praxis for workshops, community engagement and gallery exhibitions.
  • Create advancement in the field of fiber art.
  • Add to the revenue stream of Praxis Fiber Workshop by renting time on digital looms, hosting digital weaving classes, and initiating a production line of high end woven fabric.
  • Contribute to employment opportunities in the North Collinwood Neighborhood.


The Praxis Digital Lab is an inevitable expansion of our organization. Praxis has had an immense impact on our local community since its inception and we fully believe that success is measured within our local community first. To complete our regional engagement of established fiber artists, we must maintain equipment that is difficult or nearly impossible to have in a home studio, and that is consistent with the technological interests of our time.  While local engagement will continue to be a driving force of our mission, weavers from all across the world will be able to utilize this transformative space. By using this equipment to develop a production weaving line, Praxis will continue to bridge together the textile industry with local and sustainable fabrics for every use.


The Praxis Digital Lab renovations are complete! The ARM looms  are being upgraded with 7 inch touch screen displays with a user friendly interface to control the looms. Our 60″ weaving width digital lobby is set up and ready to weave. We are currently fundraising for our very own TC2 jacquard loom! Once this loom is purchased the full programming for the Digital Weaving Lab will be up and running. Would you like to see the TC2 at Praxis? Make a donation here!