Instructor: Cathryn Amidei

June 13-17, 9am – 5pm (with 24 hr access to the DWL and TC2 loom)

This workshop is designed as an introduction to weaving with the TC2 and allow participants the hands on experience of weaving on this exciting tool. This workshop is suitable for all levels and will be flexible to conform to the experience and interests of the participants. The workshop will start with an introduction to using Photoshop to design files for digital weaving and progress from single, to multi-shuttle structures. Small class sizes allow for individualized teaching and support. The class size will be limited to 5 participants. Content will also include discussions about warp densities, loom set up, winding, warping, end feed shuttles, and winding bobbins.

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*Two rooms will be available for rent at the Digital Weaving Lab, we will assist other participants in finding close and convenient lodging through Airbnb.

Teacher Bio:

Cathryn has been studying and weaving and teaching in Jacquard technique for 15+ years. She held a faculty position at Eastern Michigan University until 2018. She is currently the director of the Digital Weaving Lab at Praxis Fiber Workshop and provides technical support to artists and Universities in North America  when they purchase a loom.