Instructor: Jasmin Kornell

Saturday, June 11 10am-4pm

So many colors can be found in nature! This workshop will focus on exploring the array of color that can be achieved using historically cultivated natural dyes on a variety of cellulose fabrics. Natural dyes are an amazing way to acknowledge our environment and connect us to the history of making fabric. Cellulose is any fiber that is plant based such as cotton, linen and rayon. This process differs from protein fibers as the colors are more difficult to mordant or fix to the fabric. Participants will try many different mordanting techniques such as alum, copper, aluminum and post mordant baths. You will get the opportunity to use multiple immersion baths for layered and complex results. The basics of extraction and storage of dyes will be covered as well as some simple resist techniques (shibori) to enhance color variations. All levels are welcome! Take our ‘Natural Dyeing with Wool’ class to complete your introduction to Natural Dyes.