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  • Instructor: Anna Routson Mondays 6-9 Oct 19, 26 & Nov 2, 9   6-9pm Students will learn to read weaving drafts by picking an eight shaft pattern and planning their projects. Some weaving experience is recommended.    
  • Instructor: Kathryn Simmons Wednesdays: September 23,30 & Oct 7, 14    6-9pm Spinning yarn is one of the oldest fiber traditions whose basic techniques have not changed much since the Leonardo Davinci invented the modern spinning wheel around 1490. A meditative and relaxing process, spinning is great way for weavers, knitters and artists alike to create custom yarn. Participants will learn to spin and ply yarns in this exciting four week course.  
  • Instructor: Sarah McMahon Mondays, September 14,21,28 & Oct 5 , 6:00-9:00pm Interested in learning how to create your own cloth? Or do you already have a loom at home but have no idea where to start? In Intro to Weaving you will learn how to weave on floor looms from yarn to cloth. By weaving a color and weave sampler scarf using simple woven structures, you will become comfortable with all of the steps in the weaving process all while creating a beautiful scarf to show off to all of your friends. This class is designed with the beginner in mind and requires no prior experience. It is also a great course for anyone that has learned to weave in the past, but needs a refresher.
  • August 17, 18 & 24 6-8pm

      Join renowned digital weaver and North American TC2 representative, Cathryn Amidei for a brand new virtual curriculum to prepare you for weaving on a TC2 jacquard loom. During this three day intensive workshop, you will learn to optimize your interaction with Photoshop to create a successful digital weaving file. With registration, participants will receive a digital folder of basic black and white images to begin sample work and PDF versions of each stage of the process. Day 1 & 2 - learn the newest approach to developing structures in photoshop. Begin designing a weaving file with stock images and patterns and generate concepts for your own unique design. Day 3 - Bring your finished design for group review, troubleshooting and feedback. Your design can incorporate one or two shuttles with the knowledge on how to expand. All learning styles accommodated with multiple approaches offered. All sessions will be recorded. Leave ready to weave on a TC2!
  • Support the mission of Praxis and receive all promotions and mailings. 15% discount on classes* and workshops
  • Instructor: Deb Berkebile Saturday, March 16, 10 – 4pm Eco-printing is a technique where plants material leaves its shape, color, and marks on fabric. Plant material such as leaves flowers and bark is bundled inside of cloth and creates a contact print making each piece one-of-a-kind. You will also use plants from Praxis’ very own natural dye garden. All materials are included. Feel free to bring dye stuff from your own garden to experiment with on various types of fiber.
  • Instructor: Jasmine Kornel Saturday Oct 3rd, 10am-4pm This workshop will focus on exploring the array of color that can be achieved using historically cultivated natural dyes on a variety of fabrics. Students will get the opportunity to use  multiple immersion baths for layered and complex results and examine how colors change depending on the mordant chosen. The basics of extraction and storage of dyes will be covered as well as some simple resist techniques to enhance color variations. All materials are included. Students are welcome to bring additional potential dye material for experimentation.  
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    Instructor: Jen Omaitz Saturday, August 8th 10am-4:00pm Learn the magical art of marbling on fabric with this one day intensive workshop. We will explore pattern and design through marbling on silk scarfs. We will also explore color and marbling techniques through both traditional (Ebru) and non traditional approaches. Marbling consist of suspending inks on on thickened water (carrageenan). Inks are put though a series of swirls, rakes and other techniques to transform a given design. The outcome then becomes printed, similar to monoprinting, on a surface of choice. Students will be printing on paper and silk. Individual workspaces and materials will be provided.  
  • Instructor: Sandy Shelenberger Saturday, September 26st, 10 -4pm Discover the ancient practice of Shibori using natural and synthetic indigo. Shibori is a Japanese technique to bind, tie and stitch fabric to create different resisted marks and patterns. Learn the basics of indigo dying and combine multiple techniques to create unique cloth. Then, enhance your indigo designs by incorporating multi layers of color removal using discharge immersion vats.
  • Instructor: Eleanor Anderson Saturday, August 29, 10am-4pm In this one day workshop, students will dye silk scarves (materials provided). While our cloth dyes in the vat, we will design and create linoleum blocks using carving tools and then use them to print on our scarves and bandannas. This class will explore repeat pattern strategies as well as color relationships on fabric.