• Instructor: Sarah McMahon Saturday, April 9 10am-4pm Join us for a one day immersion into tapestry weaving! Tapestry is defined as a warp faced weaving with a discontinuous weft. In this class, each participant will use a handheld frame loom. Learn to warp your loom and create a design using any yarn of your choice. We will cover 6 different tapestry techniques that you can use in tandem to create any design of your choice. This course is designed for beginners. See how quickly you can access weaving anytime, anywhere. Tapestry is easy to scale up! Try it first on the frame loom and transition to a floor loom for your next project.
  • Instructor: Denise Williams Saturday, March 26th 10am-4pm Applique is a type of embellishment often found on quilts and other fabrics. In this one day workshop, participants will learn how to cut out shapes for their applique and fix them to a base fabric using hand sewing. A few basic techniques will be covered such as needle turned sewing, using interfacing and sewing with a raw edge. So many techniques can be used without the assistance of a sewing machine. Leave the class with a finished mug rug or miniature quilt. Your sewing journey starts here! *Are you interested in dyeing your own fabric for sewing? Check out ‘Fabric Painting’ and ‘Experimental Screen Print’ to design your own!
  • Instructor: Sandy Shelenberger Saturday, March 12th 10am-4pm Join us for an exploratory dive into screen printing! You don’t need chemicals and an exposure table to learn this exciting process. Begin by learning to mix dyes with sodium alginate to create a thickened mixture perfect for passing through a screen. By drawing and cutting stencils and applying wax directly to the screen you can create intricate repeat patterns on fabric. Pair these techniques with subtle first layers, you will have a complex, multi layered fabric perfect for any project you choose!
  • Instructor: Abby Cipar Saturday, February 10am-4pm

    Suitable for all levels of knowledge and expertise, this workshop seeks to cover the very basics of soft sculpture. We will be creating a small, wall-hanging object of immeasurable coziness! During this workshop, you will be utilizing simple materials such as fabric, thread, a needle, and of course, fiber fill! The course will cover craftsmanship skills to ensure the durability and stability of your piece as well as knowledge about color and texture to form eye-catching combinations. Bring your imagination along for the ride because soft sculpture is full ofpossibilities, and it tends to convince us that even our “mistakes” are actually super endearing and bursting with potential.

    During the workshop, view Abby's exhibition in the Praxis Gallery! About the artist: Based in Akron, OH and maintaining a studio space at Summit Artspace, Cipar works in a variety of mediums, most recently moving into large-scale soft sculpture and textiles. They are a 2021 graduate of the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron, receiving their BFA with a focus in painting and drawing. Most recently, they exhibited their work in a solo exhibition, QUEER IN NATURE, at Current gallery in Cleveland, OH. They also recently curated the group exhibition, Everything but the Kitchen Sink, at Summit Artspace in Akron, OH. Their work has been a part of the 85th Annual Juried Student Exhibition at Emily Davis Gallery (receiving third place), as well as the 2020 GAR Foundation Student Art Show at Andrew Jackson House. Notable awards include the 2019 President’s Holiday Art Award from The University of Akron and the prestigious 2019 Folk Charitable Foundation Venice Biennale Travel Award from the Myers School of Art.   
  • Instructor: Dru Christine *This workshop is ON SITE at Dru Christine Fabrics and Design Saturday, February 12 10am-4pm

    Join us for a first time partnership with local fashion designer Dru Christine! This 'Sewing Basics' workshop will take place on site at Dru Christine Fabrics and Design located inside Lake Affect Studios, 1615 E 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44114. Use fabric that you hand painted at Praxis (See 'Fabric Painting' on January 29) or purchase unique designed fabric from Dru Christine. Particpants will learn to thread the sewing machine and to sew the shell of a 20" throw pillow. Beginners welcome! No experience with sewing is needed for this class. With the basics of sewing you will be able to tackle any beginner project on the sewing machine.

  • Instructor: Sandy Shelenberger Saturday, January 29 10am-4pm

    Learn how to paint with dye! This workshop is designed for anyone who loves color. Unlike paint, dye chemically bonds to fabric leaving its surface quality unchanged. Participants will learn to measure and mix dyes with sodium alginate, a natural thickening agent that allows the maker to use incredible control to achieve detail with the dye. Pair that with watercolor techniques for incredible results. See how transparent colors can be layered for varying effects. At the end of the class, each participant will have 3 yards of hand painted fabric ready for any fiber project. *Consider registering for Sewing Basics on February 12th and use the fabric to create a throw pillow!

  • Instructor: Sandy Shelenberger Wednesdays, October, 20, 27, & November 3, 17 6:00-9:00pm There are so many different ways to apply dye to fabric! In this four-week course you will explore the many ways of using MX Reactive dye processes on cotton and silk. In the first two weeks you will learn freestyle direct painting with dye as well as low water immersion dyeing, mono printing and screen-printing techniques. In weeks 3 and 4 create complex layers with Shibori as well as color removal processes. Custom designed fabric yardage can then be used for a wide variety of projects or wearables. The possibilities are endless!
  • Instructor: Sarah McMahon Mondays, September, 20, 27, & October 4, 11 6:00-9:00pm Interested in learning how to create your own cloth? Or do you already have a loom at home but have no idea where to start? You will learn how to weave on floor looms from yarn to cloth. By weaving a sampler scarf using simple woven structures, you will become comfortable with all of the steps in the weaving process, while creating a beautiful scarf to show off to all of your friends. This class is designed with the beginner in mind and requires no prior experience. It is also a great course for anyone that has learned to weave in the past, but needs a refresher. Apply for a scholarship to take the class. The Patricia Wolfe Scholarship supports the advancement of early education in weaving by allowing one participant to be awarded full participation in our Introduction to Weaving Class. This scholarship is made in the loving memory of Patricia Wolfe, daughter of Arthur and Judy Wolfe. Please fill out the form below to apply.




  • Instructor: Emmy Osicka Saturday, October 23rd 10am-4pm This class is an introduction to flat and dimensional needle felting. Start by cutting out an iconic fall leaf shape from pre felt and learn to layer fibers for coloring affects. The leaves will then be finished off with a wet felting technique. Next, try your hand at using needles to felt a pumpkin! This  shape is achievable for all levels! No experience is required. Start with the basic round form and end the day by creating the details of its face.
  • Instructor: Jen Omaitz Saturday, October 9th 10am-4:00pm Learn the magical art of marbling on fabric with this one day intensive workshop. We will explore pattern, color and design through marbling. Marbling consist of suspending inks on thickened water (carrageenan). The inks are then manipulated through a series of swirls, rakes and other techniques to transform them into a given design. Each student will have the opportunity to experiment on paper and silk and will finish the workshop with a silk marbled scarf.   About the Instructor: Jenniffer Omaitz lives in Kent, OH. She holds an M.F.A. in painting from Kent State University and a B.F.A. in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art; showing her professional artwork under the name Jenniffer Omaitz. In 2016, Omaitz started JC Marbling after 14 months of independent research and experimentation with marbling. JC Marbling & Book Arts was founded to pursue the practice of marbling, book arts, and as a teaching out reach for the craft of marbling. Omaitz currently works with Praxis Fiber Workshop and the Morgan Paper Conservatory teaching a variety of marbling techniques and she sells her handmade books and cards at BayArts in Bay Village, Ohio; Morgan Paper Conservatory and McKay Bricker in Kent, Ohio. jcmarbling.com
  • Basic Spindle Spinning: Tips and Techniques to Start Spinning and Keep it Spinning Instructor: Denise Williams Saturday, October 2 10am-4pm 

    This is a basic course with some advanced information. I will start with a little info on fiber prep, because the number one way to ensure you have a successful start at spinning is to learn good fiber prep. There is some knowledge that's useful to know before spinning, that if you keep it in mind while you spin, you will be able to achieve good results faster.

    Instructor Bio: Denise Williams, a former schoolteacher, decided to live her dream and become a writer and textile artist. A sewing enthusiast since 3rd grade, she began knitting and crocheting after college. More than 10 years ago, she treated herself to sheep herding lessons with her German Shepherds, and that started her work with fiber processing. Her passion is processing and spinning fibers to knit, crochet, and weave. Denise chronicles her fiber adventures on her YouTube channel, Something Beautiful Handcrafts.
  • Instructor: Meagan Smith Saturday, September 25th 10am-4pm In this workshop students will learn how to transform a flat woven surface into a dimensional object by using manipulated pulled warp techniques on a tapestry loom.
    We will be using eccentric and discontinuous wefts with recycled materials like paper, plastic, and wire in combination with yarns. The weavings will compress and become distorted while using these materials and techniques when the warps are pulled. Additional tying and invisible stitching will be applied to hold the final form in place.
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