• Instructor: Jasmine Kornel Saturday July 11, 10am-4pm This workshop will focus on exploring the array of color that can be achieved using historically cultivated natural dyes on a variety of fabrics. Many of the dyes will be from the Praxis natural dye garden. Students will get the opportunity to use  multiple immersion baths for layered and complex results. The basics of extraction and storage of dyes will be covered as well as some simple resist techniques to enhance color variations. All materials are included. Students are welcome to bring additional potential dye material for experimentation.  
  • Instructor: Jen Omaitz Saturday, August 8th 10am-4:00pm Learn the magical art of marbling on fabric with this one day intensive workshop. We will explore pattern and design through marbling on silk scarfs. We will also explore color and marbling techniques through both traditional (Ebru) and non traditional approaches. Marbling consist of suspending inks on on thickened water (carrageenan). Inks are put though a series of swirls, rakes and other techniques to transform a given design. The outcome then becomes printed, similar to monoprinting, on a surface of choice.  
  • Instructor: Sandy Shelenberger Saturday, June 10, 10am - 4pm Experimental Screen Printing is a combination of traditional screen printing, painting and fabric surface design. This is a great opportunity to learn about the techniques of screen printing on fabric, without the added expense of photo emulsion and a dark room. This process is great for home dyers without the equipment for a full screen printing practice. Manipulate your imagery with stencils and resists directly on the screen. Experiment with layering and mixing thickened dye. This process is full of the unknown! Experienced artists and beginners will both walk away with new knowledge and lots of results.
  • Instructor: Sandy Shelenberger Saturday, March 21, 10am-4:00pm Create your own unique fabric by using thickened dyes to make designs that are one of a kind! Learn how to do simple printmaking techniques that will enhance the complexity your fabric designs. Bring your sense of fun and experimentation!  
  • Instructor: Gregory Hatch Saturday, July 18, 10am-4pm Laminated felting (Nuno)  bonds loose fiber, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk, creating a lightweight felt. The fibers can completely cover the background fabric, or they may be used as a decorative design that allows the backing fabric to show. Nuno felting often incorporates several layers of loose fibers combined to build up color, texture, and/or design elements in the finished fabric. This technique is particularly suited to making fabrics for clothing. Explore the many possibilities during this one day workshop!
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  • 11” x 58” 100% silk scarf Hand Dyed by Praxis Staff Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap, air dry  
  • 12” x 82” Wool/Silk scarf Hand dyed by Praxis Staff Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap, air dry flat  
  • 14” x 68” 100% silk scarf Hand Dyed by Praxis Staff with screen printed logo Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap, air dry  
  • 24” x 86” Wool/Silk scarf Hand dyed with marigolds grown in our very own natural dye garden. Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap, air dry flat