• Get professional intense colors with our tie dye kit! Premixed dye just add water! Dyes about 8 Shirts. Supplies included: Fuchsia, Turquoise, and Yellow dye in applicator bottles Soda Ash (presoak - fixer) Rubberbands and Twine (for creating beautiful designs with resists) T-shirts not included.
  • Working Membership

    $125.00 / month
    • 15% discount on classes*, workshops and loom rental
    • 24/7 access to Praxis with your own key fob and security code.
    • Small storage locker
    • Dyes and chemicals for most common dye processes
    • Opportunity to participate in exhibitions
    • Communal workspace with large pinable tables
    *This does not include CIA classes held at Praxis

    Note: Your card will be charge $125.00 automatically each month until you contact Praxis to cancel your subscription.