Saturday, June 29th at 8pm.

Location:Praxis Fiber Workshop


Taking its name from a group of jazz enthusiasts in 1920’s who were the likes of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, naming themselves “The Hot Club of France.” Since then, jazz bands with the words, “The Hot Club of…” followed by the name of a city, have become popular throughout the world. It honors the gypsy jazz masters by using the home city of the band that carries on the tradition.

Similarly, the Hot Club of Buffalo, a 5-piece gypsy jazz band from Buffalo, NY adds modern twists to traditional gypsy swing. Riffs from Bach, Jimi Hendrix and Steely Dan are as common as quotes from gypsy legend Django Reinhardt. Dance-friendly world music, like Bossa Nova, Choro and Rhumba are a part of every show.

Gypsy Swing or Gypsy Jazz, is a style that was created in the 1930’s by the legendary 2-fingered guitarist, Django Reinhardt. Gypsy Jazz blends American big band swing with exotic European Gypsy sounds. The music is performed entirely on acoustic instruments. The rhythm guitar takes the place of a drum set. The guitars, strings, and even the picks are specially chosen to get that unique gypsy sound!