Cleveland  19 CBS News
Oct 15, 2015


The goal is to give women some solace and let them know the community cares. That’s why Praxis Fiber Workshop is offering victims of domestic violence a free day.

To treat trauma and anxiety, alternative medicine has been used like weaving.

That’s what Executive Director Jessica Pinksy hopes happens.

“It’s a very meditative process, it’s important for everyone especially people that have gone through trauma,” said Executive Director of Praxis Fiber Worskshop Jessica Pinksy.

The program, funded with a Kresge Foundation grant through Northeast Shores Community Development Corp., will provide transportation and childcare to participants.

Pinsky is an adjunct professor at The Cleveland Institute of Art and Baldwin Wallace University. She launched Praxis Fiber Workshop in the Waterloo Arts District earlier this year.

The weaving workshops will continue through the fall. Praxis will host an event to highlight weavings made by domestic violence survivors in December, on a date to be determined.

For information about Sunday’s event, or to register, call Praxis at 216-644-8661. For general information about Praxis, visit the organization’s website.