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Praxis Community Courses are available for ALL ages and ALL levels. Workshops are offered many Saturdays  in a range of processes from 10:00am-4pm. Members get 15% off workshops. To register, please call 216.644.8661 or register online below.

We are happy to announce that the revised summer class schedule is up on our website.  We have carefully evaluated each of our workshops and selected a schedule of classes modified to ensure the safety of our students and our instructors, while still maintaining a unique experience and exceptional instruction from professional artists. 


This is what you can expect to ensure a safe and complete experience at Praxis:

  •  We are reducing our class sizes and holding all workshops outdoors to allow for air flow and physical distancing. 
  • All materials will be provided and pre-sanitized in individual kits for students who will work at individual stations. 
  • All workshops are weather permitting and will be rescheduled in the case of rain. 
  • Facilities such as sink and restroom will still be available for use, however with outdoor classes we will limit the number of students inside Praxis at any given time.  


Education is the core of our mission and we are excited to continue to provide workshops in a safe environment. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.